My heart aches.

Every time I hear someone has lost their best friend, my heart aches.

Every time I read a facebook post thanking a special horse for the time they were able to share, my heart aches.

Every time a person close to me or an acquaintance or a random stranger shares a story about a beloved pal who has passed, my heart aches.

But if you’ve ever loved a horse, your heart hurts, too.

Our hearts ache because we’ve been there. Maybe we’ve lost that best friend, written that post. We have been the friend, acquaintance and stranger that drew strength from the support of others to make it through the day.

Our hearts ache because we know. We know the love, the bond, the secrets kept between you and your soul mate. A mate that communicates without words. One that shares a love so pure and true it doesn’t seem to make sense. A bond forged through trial and error, trust and respect.

We hurt together because words cannot even begin to explain the hoof print left on your heart.

But my heart is also full. And yours is, too.

We know that through the tears are wonderful memories. Of living and learning and feeling like you’ve got the world by the tail.

Those tears represent frustration and disappointment, yet an eagerness to get back at it again the very next day.

Through the tears there is laughter. Of those times you two shared an inside joke that no one could possibly understand.

So to all my friends, acquaintances and those strangers out there who have loved and lost that special horse – my heart aches for you. But as you well know, for every horse loved, there is another in need. And while one can never be replaced, there is always more room in our hearts.

Horses offer us a new perspective in which to view the world. We choose whether or not to accept it.

“In riding horses we borrow freedom.” Helen Thompson

But it is in knowing horses that we are truly free.



In loving memory of Joey, best friend to Jeri.


In loving memory of Romeo, best friend to Jessica.



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One response to “My heart aches.

  1. Hillary

    As always, you get it “just right” when most of us cannot find the words.

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