This is me – crazy horse girl

IMG_6830  IMG_3947

I’m just your average obsessive horse owner, spending countless watching friends ride in circles in the dust or rushing home elated to find the new Dover catalogue has arrived. I am currently owned by a 9 year old dark bay thoroughbred gelding named Jorge, an 11 year old Paint gelding named Reno and an amazingly well behaved Jack Russell barn dog named Bones. I grew up with ponies and horses and they have enriched my life and made me a better person in countless ways. This is my effort to capture some of the more comical and interesting moments of my journey through life with these unbelievable animals.


2 responses to “This is me – crazy horse girl

  1. Just found your blog and am enthralled with it! Where’s your ‘follow’ button? And I hope Jorge is sound and back on his feet by now!

  2. Nancy Habeger

    I hope Jorge is in good form again! Your mom and dad are my go-to jewelers. You are living the life I dreamed of as a little girl girl in Chicago. Santa never did bring me my pony on Christmas, I was disappointed for years.

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