My horse is AWESOME! Yours is too… I guess…

ImageThere have been a few memes (?) photos (?) ecards (?) – god I’m so uncool – going around on the series of tubes lately that really speak to me as a horse owner.

The first was about how great “we” are (Jorge and I, of course), and the most recent recognizes that most everything in my life revolves around the previous statement.Image

Look, I need to level with you all about something. It might come as a surprise, you may feel like people have been lying to you – or perhaps you’ve been lying to yourself – but I have to come clean.

My horse is AWESOME.

In fact, he’s the most awesome horse that walks the face of the earth. There’s no disputing this, it simply just is.

He makes me feel safe when we go for a ride. He lets me relive my childhood pony days with a huge sense of humor. He seems happy to see me, or at least the treats in my pockets. And sometimes he’ll even let me cry into his neck when I’ve had a terrible day.

How many horses would tolerate you riding them side-saddle? Whose horses insist on a drink from the hose before you are allowed to spray them off? Which horses jump around a 2’9” course like it ain’t no thang (with lead changes, thank you very much) while you freak out because the last time you jumped a full course that high your ass still fit in your ancient 16.5 Crosby Prix de Nations?

Only one. That’s how many. And his name is Jorge.

What’s that? You think your horse is awesome, too? Does she run up to you in the pasture when you call? Do you have “perfect rides on the perfect horse” at least once a week? Perhaps it is the endearing-to-you-yet-annoying-to-all-others habit of sucking on his tongue that makes you smile. And the pawing in the cross-ties the moment you walk away that seems so cute – he loves you!

Alright, fine. Your horse is also the most awesome equine to set foot on the planet. He walks on water (except when he breaks his halter).  He is the most talented jumper (never mind that he hates roll-tops). And he is always a pleasure to be around (yet, he bit you last night for seemingly no reason – must have been your fault.)

But I agree. Your horse is awesome. Because the simple act of being at the barn with him or her, no matter what kind of day you had, transports you to a different place, a peaceful world.

At the very core of it all, for me at least, it is the fact that my horse makes me a better person. He makes me prioritize what’s really important in my life. Would I rather work 80 hours per week and have lots of money and accolades I have no time to spend or do I prefer to enjoy the view from the back of my best friend.

I might trade all the progressive legislative initiatives in the world for a great hack in the field.

So tell me – what makes your horse so awesome?


I was inspired by Devon, what can I say?!?!



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2 responses to “My horse is AWESOME! Yours is too… I guess…

  1. Hillary

    Harry’s pretty awesome. And he’s started doing lead changes. So that’s even awesomer. But, his opinions about other people is what makes him awesome. He either loves you (me) or hates you (several people at the barn) and he lets you know which category you fit in pretty fast. Oh, and his “charming” quality involves being caught in the field…

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